Love Khaos Custom Art Deco pattern.


Girl wearing festival Hat from Love Khaos festival clothing brand.

Hello! My name is Lauryn, I am the owner and designer behind Love Khaos [Khaos pronounced “Chaos”]. This very camera-shy woman you see pictured here is me, sitting in my small London flat in 2015 where I brought Love Khaos to life; the place it truly all began.

Love Khaos was born from my desire to inspire people to express themselves through personal style and to create an ethical, luxury product. I have always believed life (literally being alive) is a celebration and we should dress for the occasion. I don’t want people to wait for a special day to be fabulous. The joy and identity that dressing up grants you isn’t something you should regulate. I think clothing shouldn’t restrict people or ask them to follow a set of predefined rules. It should be individual and expressive. It should make a statement. It should empower you with confidence and give you a sense of self. It should make you smile. And it should be made with the highest quality materials in a way that doesn’t harm the people who are skillfully making it for you. 

I would describe Love Khaos, as a free spirited, fun focused brand. We make high quality, unique clothing designed to empower and inspire. We don’t participate in Fast Fashion and consequently have adopted a unique approach to style as much as we have to production. Trends are abandoned and designs run year after year until the fabric runs out. This is to encourage a new kind of conscious, responsible consumption of fashion and not to devalue the craftsmanship gone into the creation of each piece. Our garments are designed for timelessness and constructed for quality to ensure your signature Love Khaos piece is something you wear for decades. We know you live, work, and party hard so we make clothing that can keep up with you. Our pieces last from dusk 'til dawn every day and night you go out and dance for your life.

Wearing a piece by Love Khaos is wearing a piece of art, uniquely crafted with love, creativity and excitement to suit your wildest fashion fantasies.

Love Khaos: Love What You Love Without Hesitation.

We believe in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity, and profit in equal measure.

When I first started out I made everything myself. It was overwhelming to say the least. After nearly a year I saw that my current path was unsustainable, it was impossible to keep up with demand. I had no choice but to outsource manufacturing but I refused to have anything to do with sweatshops, child (slave) labor, or forced labor. In the process of deciding where to manufacture I realized my choices could make a serious difference both environmentally and socially. The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world and half of all garment workers (the people who make your clothes) work in sweatshops, 250 million of which are children aged 5-14 years old. By choosing to produce clothing ethically: paying fair wages, providing safe work conditions, and making sure that no one is working outside the 9-5 they are paid for, I could do my part for global sustainability and be the change I want to see in the fashion industry.

Quality is one of the core values of Love Khaos. In giving up control over making each garment myself I knew that there could be issues maintaining my high standards of quality. I tried using independent tailors and a small family run factory in London and quickly decided that using a factory wasn’t a viable option in ensuring quality control. Everything needed to be made in-house. So I decided to set up my own atelier in Bali. This inherently would enable me to ensure that the people manufacturing our garments were looked after as well.

& now here we are, 7 years later…
Our HQ is based in San Francisco and our studio is in Bali, Indonesia. The team is comprised of only full time, adult employees who work in our private studio space. This set up ensures each team member is both paid well and that they, as well as their families, receives health benefits. The added bonus of manufacturing in house is that each garment we produce is perfect and quality controlled throughout the whole creation process.

Our team are paid 4-6 times the average salary in Bali and receive a daily lunch allowance. We don’t furlough, force overtime, or discriminate. We believe transparency and accountability are important because they keep us honest. We are proud to be a part of the slow fashion movement and hope our story inspires you to be conscious about how, where, and by whom your clothing is made.